After Dusk supporting The RH Experience

After Dusk will be performing at the Bristol Improv Theatre in support of The wonderful RH Experience!

BIT Favourites the RH Experience are back in Briz withScrapbook, their new long-form show, imbued with their own brand of anarchic silliness & bizarre storytelling.

The RH Experience have been performing live shows & producing sketches for over a decade, performed at Glastonbury and Latitude Festivals, Edinburgh & Brighton Fringes, and have featured on BBC one, BBC Radio 4 & E4.

“A masterful, magical adventure from truly gifted improvisers!”

“The RH experience are not the pioneers of tomfoolery: they are the masters”
Three Weeks

With support from:

After Dusk: The Improvised Twilight Zone

You walk into a play but none of the actors have learned their lines, because there are none. This show hasn’t been written yet. A nightmare or a dream? Who’s to say? Up ahead there’s a sign. We take a turning through your imagination and arrive at your final destination: An improvised twist on The Twilight Zone.

Some of Bristol’s best improvisers create a brand new episode of the classic science fiction show which inspired Black Mirror. Suitable for all levels of nerdiness and Twilight Zone knowledge!

 – Wriggle Bristol

“highly talented improvisers” – Edfringe Review


When: Friday 8th February, 8pm,
Where: The Bristol Improv Theatre,
How Much: £7
Tickets available from the Bristol Improv Theatre

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