About Us

We were started by a collection of friends at the Improv Society at the University of Bristol in September 2016 with the dream of doing the geekiest show imaginable. We did shows around Bristol and headed up to the Edinburgh Fringe in 2017. We’ve been through various cast changes and revamps since we started, but we’ve remained committed to the core sci-fi ideals or big ideas and interesting characters in everything we do.

Our first show was Spon Trek: The Next Improvisation, an improvised Star Trek episode which we have performed around Bristol and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festivals 2017 & 2018.

We now focus on our latest show After Dusk: An Improvised Twilight Zone, an improvised twist on the cult 1960s classic that inspired Black Mirror. To our knowledge it is unique amongst improv shows in being accompanied by a live violinist! As well as venues around Bristol we have also taken it to Hoopla improv, London and to the Swindon Fringe Festival. Our most interesting venues to date are a crypt and a comic book store, but we’re always looking to top that.

Our currently active members are:

Luke Cox
Theo Worsley
Rosalind Beeson
Scott Wilson
Isabel Wiltshire
Anna Kemp

Our alumni members are:

Beth Kerridge
Ella Heeks
Luke Mallison

Waqar Munir
John McInnes
Chris Dunford
Jessica Pearce-Herzberg
Flora Donald
Hannah Taylor
Olivia Gibbs-Fairley
Chris Jones