About Us

We were started by a collection of friends from Bristol Improv Society at the University of Bristol in September 2016 with the dream of doing the geekiest show imaginable. We did shows around Bristol and headed up to the fringe in 2017. We’ve been through various cast changes and revamps since we started, but the dream of doing science fiction remains at our core.

Our first show was Spon Trek: The Next Improvisation, an improvised Star Trek episode which we have performed around Bristol and at the Edinburgh Fringe Festivals 2017 & 2018.

We recently also created After Dusk, Improvised Tales from The Twilight Zone. We premiered this at Local Heroes at the Bristol Improv Theatre and have since performed it at the Edinburgh fringe festival and even in a Crypt!

Our currently active members are:

Luke Cox
Theo Worsley
Luke Mallison
Rosalind Beeson
Scott Wilson
Isabel Wiltshire

Cast bios coming soon!